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I found Autotech last weekend when I was out and about looking for an oil change. I’m admittedly always suspect of service stations in general, but these guys seem really nice, knowledgeable and as I watched them change my oil, we discussed my car at length- I learned a lot. Then, I met the owner, Tony, and he gave me a tour of the renovations they’re doing- including a new customer waiting area with big bay windows to watch the work being done, espresso machine (!!) etc.- sounds great! $31 for the overdue oil change, and I was out the door. Imagine my surprise and delight to find a thank you note from them in the mail last night- very nice touch. AND it reminded me to write this review, so, well done. I’m done with the chain places- this will be my go-to for oil changes now…..thanks, guys!

Emily T

I have been going to Autotech for 4yrs and 2 cars. They are the ONLY place I will go in the city. Robert, one of the managers, is the most customer service-oriented businessman I have ever come across. As America is a service society and we can’t seem to really do that well, when I come across a place that does, I remain loyal. He is friendly, knowledgable and honest (whoa!). Gives timely and accurate estimates and fully explains the issues. I know my car is in good hands with him. I found them when they used to be on Irving Park & Sheridan. I was living in Wrigleyville and had my window smashed. I called 5 other places for replacement window estimates and Autotech was $100 cheaper. They gave me the option of going with a used window which my 16yr old Honda certainly wasn’t going to mind. Saved big bucks! I continued to go to them when they closed the Irving Park shop and made the current Foster & Broadway shop the main headquarters. Their hours are excellent – I have plenty of time to drop my car off in the morning and still get to work and open late so I can pick it up after my long commute home. They recently started a loaner car service which I have used twice. Very convenient! If you need to leave your car there but live within 3miles, they will drop you off at home. I’ve taken advantage of that service at least 2 times also. I have recommended this place to co-workers and family. All have had a positive experience. I now drive a Saab and forget the over-priced dealership, I only let Autotech touch it. That old Honda was in the shop for something major at least once a year (never the same thing twice though) and every time I got a quote from Autotech, my parents, who live in the suburbs were shocked because it was either equivolant or less than suburban prices. To have a mechanic that you can trust in the city is an invaluable thing!

Erica B.

These guys are dependable, they have great hours (weekends too!) and they get the job done fast. I’m hard on my cars, and when they need work, they need a LOT of work. I’ve taken my car to bigger, fancier places (Lawrence and Clark comes to mind), and have had to breathe into a paper bag after reading the estimates. Autotech will work with my budget and will only do the work that I want them to do. I appreciate that kind of honesty and openness in a repair shop. I also have to compliment them on their great customer service. They are extremely communicative about everything that happens and explain everything in easy terms so that you can understand what the problems are. I consider myself slightly adept at knowing what’s wrong with a car, and I can tell when I’m being told a story. I never get a story here. They lay it all down and ask me what I want to do. Erica B. said in her review that it’s hard to find a place that you trust in the city– and she is right. When you find one, you stick with them. I have found my place in Autotech.

Rick A.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have found such a great auto repair shop in Chicago. I have been taking my car here since it was at Irving Park and Sheridan, and moved to the new location at Foster and Broadway even though it was farther than my home. Robert and Eddie are the two managers I have mainly spoken with, and they are always courteous, professional, honest and communicative. I just had my car towed there earlier this week and they took amazing care of my car, and the customer service was excellent. They didn’t charge me for certain items, and let me keep my car there overnight since I couldn’t go and pick it up when it was finished. Not only that, but they gave me a bottle of champagne to celebrate the New Year! As a single female, I often get condescended to at repair shops, but these guys are professionals and treat my like an intelligence adult. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Even my Mom wants to start taking her car here and she lives in the suburbs!

Cara B.

Great communication! Well done! I agree…I’m ALWAYS confident when either my husband or myself go to your Arlington Heights location for estimates/work. Eric and his staff are precious…SO fair…SO caring…So mindful of doing the best work possible for the best fee. I’ve NEVER had a better experience at ANY other repair location. Many thanks for all your hard work and sense of humor!

Nancy H.